Angel Tree

Help families provide Christmas to their children each year.

There are angels among us! Thank you for all that each and every one of you does to make a difference and touch so many lives. You are shining God’s love through you!

In 2019, we provided Christmas for 84 children and 9 families! 

In 2020, we provided Christmas presents for 100 children!

  • 15 children of Pendleton and 3 families

  • 20 children of Babcock Buffalo, Seneca Street

  • 20 children of LaSalle, Niagara Falls and 3 families

  • 10 children of North Tonawanda

  • 15 children of Buffalo 

  • 20 buckets to Hope Buffalo

The number of children in need is growing every year. Thank you for your continuous support in making a difference in our surrounding communities!