We strive to know God’s love for us through Jesus Christ, to accept that love in discipleship, and share that love with the world.

There are many services the church can provide a family during this time of mourning. Our pastors are available to provide Christian services at the location a family desires: Church, Funeral Home, Cemetery, or Home.

Our pastors will do all they can to be available for your funeral. However, it is important to contact the pastor before making arrangements with the newspapers or elsewhere since there are times our pastors cannot be available.

Our pastors can design a funeral service for you. If you desire, there are many parts of the service the family can participate in creating.

  • Selection of scriptures

  • Sharing of family or friends

  • Selection of hymns (2-4)

It is helpful if the family can jot down a few comments about their loved one to help the pastor have a better understanding of them. Services can conclude at a funeral home, the church, at the departure of the hearse from the church, at the cemetery chapel, or at the gravesite at the discretion of the family and funeral home.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a service.

“We strive to know God’s love for us through Jesus Christ, to accept that love in discipleship, and share that love with the world.”

Guest Visitation

The church can help you provide an opportunity for you to greet your guests in different ways. If you are having calling hours at a funeral home, if at all possible, one of our pastors will come for prayers and support for your family at the funeral home. We can also arrange to have calling hours at the church. This can be at separate times, or in association with your funeral service.


Caskets are to be closed for a funeral service at the church. A pallor flag may be draped over the casket if desired by the family. Pallbearers are used at the discretion of the family and are usually arranged through the funeral home. If the service is at the church, the family can accompany the casket and pastor processing into the sanctuary, or they can be seated beforehand.


There are opportunities for usually two to four songs during the service. The family can choose favorite hymns if they would like to. We will also make our best efforts to accommodate or provide a soloist if desired.

Bagpipes and other instruments are allowed in the church at the discretion of the pastor.


Flowers are allowed in the church sanctuary.


The church can provide for a display of pictures in either electronic projection in the sanctuary, poster board, or album form. The quantity of pictures during the service is at the discretion of the officiating pastor.

Military Honors

Military honors are allowed as part of a church service. Most other groups conduct their services and respects at the funeral home or elsewhere. This can be discussed with your pastor.


While it is common that families will give the church a donation and the pastor an honorarium, neither our pastors nor the church charge a fee for funeral services. This is at the discretion of the family.

While the church has no desire to add to your financial burdens at this time, there are costs associated with a funeral that we ask you to cover if you choose to have the services provided.

  • Music - The usual honorarium for an accompanist is $125. For special music or rehearsing with a soloist, additional fees will apply.

  • Technology - If projection or significant sound equipment is desired, we require a technology person to be available at the cost of $75.

  • Bulletins - We ask for a donation of $25 for the creation of worship bulletins. We have many bulletin covers available for you to choose from.

The week following the service, you will receive an invoice from the church. Please do not write separate checks to individuals. Thank you.