What do you know about Tithing?

Date Published: Thursday, October 20, 2022

True or False:

Tithing is like giving to charity.
Tithing is one way to express to God your love for Him. It fulfills the First Great Command. It is not like giving to charity, which fulfills the Second Great Command.

You should tithe because your pastor or parents told you to.
While that might be, it’s actually God who tells you to tithe. It is throughout the Bible and begins in Genesis 4:3-6 with Cain and Abel.

Tithing is a reflection of your trust in God.
When tithing is done as a response to your love for God, it brings joy, not pain.

It’s good to tithe so you can tell others how much you give.
Tithing brings praise to God; it’s not about you. See Luke 18:11-14 to find out how God views hypocrites, even if they give back a tenth of what they get.

God needs your tithe
Tithing works to fulfill God’s plan. He has promised to show His love for us forever, and we are to do the same for Him in return.

Tithing means giving back to God something important to you
Back again to Genesis 4:3-6 as a start. God expects the first fruits of your labor. Doing less is a sin. Give from your best, not what’s left. Consistently.