Visitation Team Formation

Date Published: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Over the past several years, we have yearned for that connection, for those friendships, and for someone to show they care. We have all experienced the isolation during Covid and know what that feels like. We need that human connection; it is what binds us together.  

The simple act of connecting with one another is filled with powerful possibilities. Sharing love and friendship with each other is so special. Visitation is one way we can show how much we care. It is sometimes difficult for us as pastors to get around to everyone or know who needs a visit, but a well-trained visitation team can.

I am looking for volunteers to be trained to help with visitation. For the next several months, I will be setting up and training a visitation team to connect with our members. If you think you might be interested in visiting our members, please get in touch with me.

Pastor Jennifer