Small Group Bible Study Opportunities

Date Published: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Do you think you’re ready to take a step in your walk with God? We have some exciting opportunities to make new friends at church as you learn more about Jesus:

  • Sandy Houck will be leading a small group organized around prayer, conversation, and a book called The Wesley Challenge. The book discusses questions that John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, used with a group of friends as they sought to grow in their faith.  

  • Scot Jaynes is leading a Bible study at church on Sunday mornings after worship. They’re currently studying the life of King David and the many lessons we can learn from his journey.

  • Louie Bobsein will be leading a new Disciple 1 Bible Study. This study is a great opportunity to learn about the Bible in-depth. Every week, there is reading, a video, and discussion that take you through the whole Bible. 

  • Pastor Scott will be offering a study on the Lord’s Prayer. This group will use a book by a pastor named Adam Hamilton to explore what the different lines of the Lord’s Prayer mean. Knowing this should help us pray these familiar words with a new level of understanding and help us grow closer to God.  

  • Linda Barcykowski and Pastor Scott are developing a small group study built around difficult questions. The goal is to create a safe space to explore challenging topics and controversial social issues in the context of our faith. We’re still working on this, and more details will be coming soon. 

Talk to any of the people above to find out more about their group or email me. If these topics don’t work for you, email me or see me after service to talk about what might interest you as a learning opportunity at the church.

Pastor Scott