Lay Servant Ministries

Date Published: Saturday, September 3, 2022

More than being a Certified Lay Minister (CLM)

Have you felt God tugging at your heart? Have you looked at some of the CLMs in the church and thought, “I’d like to serve Christ more, but don’t know if I want to be a CLM?”

Many folks don’t realize that there are three categories in Lay Servant Ministries, and each is called to something different. Just like one part of the body of Christ is no better than the other, so it is with Lay Servant Ministries. Anyone who would like to be involved in Lay Servant Ministries must first become a Certified Lay Servant. Being a Lay Servant helps you discern your call.

This is an example of what Lay Servants are called to do:

A Certified Lay Servant serves the local church or charge (and/or beyond) and:

  • Provides program leadership, assistance, and support
  • Leads meetings for prayer, training, study, and discussion
  • Conducts, or assists in conducting, services of worship, preaches the Word, or gives addresses
  • Provides congregational and community leadership and fosters caring ministries
  • Assists in the distribution of the elements of Holy Communion

Many of you are already doing many of these things! Why not go deeper and become a Certified Lay Servant in the United Methodist denomination?

If you want to learn more about Lay Servant Ministries, we will set up an informational session this fall. Sandy Houck will also offer the Basic Lay Servant course, which is the first step to becoming a Certified Lay Servant.

Think about it, pray about it, and if you are interested in attending the session to learn more, please contact me at (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address), Sandy Houck at (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address) or Pastor Scott at (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address).

In Christ,
Linda Barczykowski
Certified Lay Minister and Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries