Meet the Pastor

One of the things that we, as the new pastoral staff, have been aware of is how difficult it can be to get to know us and to have us get to know you. In most of my previous changes as a pastor, I have been able to host gatherings at the parsonage to meet our church family and help relationships go to that next level of closeness. Scott and I arrived in the very depth of Covid-19 protocols, which prevented those types of gatherings from taking place.  

I would like to offer people the chance to come to the parsonage this fall to get to know each other a little better – and allow you to see some of the parsonage. It has always been a part of my nature to offer a bit of hospitality for these gatherings, at least a beverage and some kind of treat. I have listed below some opportunities to gather below.

I can only accommodate about 10 people per event so please make sure you let us know when you can come or use the website.

I really want to welcome you into my home and spend a little time together,

Peace and love,
Pastor Cathy