More Fun Than Disney - A Vacation Bible School (VBS) Story

July 30, 2018 - Lori Jagow

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."
- Charles R. Swindoll, Evangelical Christian pastor

The blended aroma of fresh herbs, spices, and homemade bread lingered in the church halls. More than a hundred children were in the PCUMC house for the annual celebration of Vacation Bible School (VBS). This particular year was set up as a Roman Marketplace with artisan shops; something like you would see at a Renaissance Faire with live street musicians, skits, food sampling, dancing, and authentic craftsmanship.

As a co-director, I, along with other staff and many volunteers had spent weeks and months to prepare and carry out themed activities that would engage and educate children about God. As the end of the week of VBS approached, I eagerly awaited a moment to rest my aching feet. VBS is a lot of work, but tomorrow would be the last day.

As each artisan's tent was now vacant and the hustle and bustle of the marketplace had quieted down, it was time to get ready for closing prayers. As I strolled through the building I came upon a little girl who was maybe seven or eight years old. I didn't recognize her from our regular children's programming, but I know she had been here all week long. Now, she was sobbing!  

I bent down and asked her what was the matter? Then through her tears she said, “I can’t come here tomorrow.”

“What do you have planned that you can't make it tomorrow," I inquired.

Bursting again into tears, she cried out “I have to go to Disney World!"

Stifling a giggle, and attempting to comfort her, I said that we have crafts and Bible stories every week in Sunday School here at the church, and next year we will have VBS again. Her red eyes widened and became hopeful as we dried the tears from her face. I talked with her for a while and and told her that I had been to Disney World and how much fun it is there.

On the last day, after the thunderous roar of praise singing had ended in the sanctuary, the staff and volunteers gathered for a pizza party. There we exchanged stories of the blessings and joys of seeing their smiling faces light up as they learn about the love of God. Having forgot about my fatigue, we all had a chuckle as I told them about the little girl who would rather stay at VBS than go to Disney World.

Throughout the years the theme of VBS has changed, and some years are more elaborate than others, depending on the amount of participation we have, but no matter what the size, the joy of serving God’s precious little ones remains a constant.

Written by Lori Jagow
VBS 2009

Vacation Bible School is awesome for all kids ages 3-6th grade! 
Mark your calendar for August 6-10, 2018, 9am-12:30pm each day.