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Bible Challenge

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The primary focus of the reflections this year will be Salvation – why there is need of salvation, what salvation is, and how God is working in creation to bring it about. Observe the variety of characters in the Scriptures the LORD speaks to, and when God speaks. Notice that sometimes God speaks out, for example, “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3). God speaks to God’s self, “Let us make humankind in our image…” (Genesis 1:26). And God speaks to a variety of human beings and others in God’s creation. You will also notice that God does not simply speak but often participates in conversations. God is interested in a relationship of mutual love with humanity, which was, according to the Scripture, created in God’s image, therefore capable of reflecting God’s love, holiness, and righteousness. Also observe the actions of God, that God has permitted humanity choices, and how the Scriptures reveal the right and wrong use of God-given freedom. Look for the words “love,” “righteousness,” and “holiness” throughout the Scriptures.

You may use the Reflection Questions to give your reading some focus, but this is not a requirement. There is nothing to turn in and there will be no test at the end. The reflections are for your personal enrichment and growth alone.

Remember to let Pastor Lisa know that you’re participating either by writing it on your Friendship Card, e-mail to or calling the church office and leaving a message. Contact Pastor Lisa if you have any questions about the readings or you want to share or discuss your insights.

Remember to pray prior to your daily reading, asking God to give you an understanding of the scriptures and insight into their application for your life.