Worship & COVID Policy Updates

May 24, 2021

Our Advisory Team has been following the latest CDC and NYS guidelines closely and met to develop the following guidelines. Beginning today, we are introducing these updated COVID-19 policies at the church:

Worship Updates

  • We are bringing back our “traditional,” pre-COVID seating to a portion of the sanctuary for individuals and families that are fully vaccinated. For the safety of those who can’t yet or are unable to get vaccinated, we will still be providing socially distanced seating.
  • For those fully vaccinated, masks will no longer be required. We ask that you bring your proof of vaccination with you the first time you attend. (Afterwards, you will not have to show it again.)
  • When seated in the sanctuary, masks will not be required by anyone (vaccinated or not). For those unvaccinated, masks are required when singing or moving around.

Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, our goal is to provide you a safe and healthy place of worship. If you do not feel comfortable removing your mask or sitting in the closer arranged seats, you are welcome to keep your mask on at all times or continue sitting in the distanced seating.

As we learn more information over the coming weeks, we will continue to make progress in making worship fully accessible.

Reserve my seat for worship

Not coming to worship this week, but plan on coming soon? We’d like to know!

To help with our new seating arrangement, it will be a great help to us to know where you will be sitting when you come. Please let us know by clicking here. Thank you!



Other Groups

Other groups meeting in the church will be following similar, but slightly modified rules from worship.

  • In Children & Youth Ministry programs, masks and social distancing will continue to be followed by all in attendance.
  • Adult small groups meeting will be based upon the vaccination status of the whole group. From there, each individual group/ministry leader will have the option to keep the current rules or use the updated rules. Check with your group leader for further information.
    • If your group is fully vaccinated and will not be using masks or social distancing, you will have to show your proof of vaccination the first time you attend each group.



Communion Updates

We are still using individually packaged mini-chalice communion elements, but they will now be served with regular (gluten containing) bread.

If you need gluten free communion, please let the greeter handing out communion know. (Gluten free communion cups will say “gluten free” on the lids. If there is no text on the lid, that cup contains gluten.)