What We Believe

As a Christian congregation, we believe God is revealed in the three persons of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that we should strive to experience God in all three ways.

We believe the Bible is the primary source of our faith, and that we understand the Bible using our minds, life experiences, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the traditions of the church.

We celebrate the sacrament of communion at our services and baptize all ages into the community of God.

We believe the church is God’s design to reach people and to represent God to people. We have a passion for all people to know and experience God in Jesus Christ. Reaching people for Jesus Christ is the most important thing we do.

We believe everyone has a calling from God that fulfills their life. We believe the ministries of the church are designed by God through the gifted people He sends to the church.

Our goal is to gather together the people God has given us responsibility for. This often includes people who don’t fit, or grow in other churches and need spiritual healing. We assume a value in all people. We strive to build a Christian community where Christian relationships grow.

We believe faith in God is supposed to be fun. Exciting, meaningful, enjoyable, and dynamic worship is important to us.

We believe the Holy Spirit is directing our ministry. We strive to bring God into every aspect of our lives.

We want to help parents raise Christian children and youth.

We work to bring God to people, our community, and the world through love in action by caring for others and offering help to those in need.